About Us

Basaran Academy, has been established to provide solutions to individual and corporate training needs in order to train individuals who are competent in the field of information and technology which is constantly developing with 20 years of educational experience.

We Follow New Trends

Our vision is to become the most preferred training center by following the new trends in the field of Information Education, developing new methods and contents and presenting them to the benefit of individuals and institutions.

Education at International Standards

Our mission is to contribute to the formation of a society that is open to change and development, equipped with the equipment required by the age, able to access information at any time, to represent itself or its institution as an individual in the sector in which it works and to have self-confident individuals. To this end, it has adopted the principle of providing education at international standards and maximizing student satisfaction.

Why Basaran?

  • International Business Partners
  • International Examination Competencies
  • Mediterranean leader in IT training
  • International and MoNE Approved Certification Programs
  • Need-Based Training Analysis
  • Effective Quality Management
  • Sector Experienced Trainers
  • Hardware Infrastructure and Current Licensed Programs
  • Post-Training Support
  • Human Resources Consultancy